Invited Speakers

  • Sergei N. Artëmov (City University of New York): On Brouwer-Heyting-Kolmogorov provability semantics
  • Kosta Došen (Mathematical Institute, SANU): Two Ways of General Proof Theory
  • Roy Dyckhoff (University of St Andrews): Generalised elimination rules
  • Lars Hallnäs (University of Borås): On the proof theoretic foundations of set theory
  • Wilfrid Hodges (Dartmoor): The choice of semantics as a methodological question
  • Reinhard Kahle (Universidade Nova de Lisboa): The mode of presentation
  • Dag Prawitz (Stockholm University): Remarks on relations between Gentzen and Heyting inspired PTS
  • Giovanni Sambin (Università di Padova): Unification of logics by reflection
  • Göran Sundholm (Universiteit Leiden): BHK and Brouwer's Theory of the Creative Subject
  • William W. Tait (University of Chicago): Compositional semantics for predicate logic: Eliminating bound variables from formulas and deductions
  • Gabriele Usberti (Università degli Studi di Siena): Intuitionism, the Paradox of Knowability and Empirical Negation
  • Jan von Plato (University of Helsinki): Explicit composition and its application in normalization proofs
  • Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr University Bochum): A two-sorted typed lambda-calculus

Contributed Speakers

  • Walter Dean (University of Warwick): Kreisel's second clause and the Theory of Constructions (with H. Kurokawa)
  • Hidenori Kurokawa (City University of New York)
  • Yoshihiro Maruyama (University of Oxford): On Paradoxes in Proof-Theoretic Semantics