The conference is held in conjunction with ESSLLI 2014.


Hypothetical reasoning or reasoning under assumptions is a key concept of logic, philosophy of science and mathematics. This conference focusses on its logical aspects, such as

  • assumption-based calculi and their proof theory
  • logical consequence from a proof-theoretic or model-theoretic point of view
  • logics of conditionals
  • proof systems
  • structure of assumption-based proofs
  • hypotheses in proof-theoretic semantics
  • notions of implication
  • substructural logics
  • hypotheses in categorial logic
  • logical aspects of scientific explanation
  • hypothetical reasoning in mathematics
  • reasoning from definitions and axioms

The conference is organised as part of the French-German ANR-DFG project HYPOTHESES.
The program committee consists of the members of this project.

Invited speakers

  • Arnon Avron (Tel Aviv University): Using Assumptions in Gentzen-type Systems
  • Michel Bourdeau (CNRS, IHPST, Université Paris 1): Comte's « Théorie fondamentale des hypothèses »
  • Kosta Došen (Mathematical Institute, SANU): An introduction to deduction
  • Paul Egré (CNRS, Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris): Negating indicative conditionals
  • Andrzej Indrzejczak (Institute of Philosophy UŁ, Łódź): Hypersequents and Linear Time
  • Zoran Petrić (Mathematical Institute, SANU): Cuts and Graphs
  • Francesca Poggiolesi (CNRS, CEPERC, Aix-en-Provence): Counterfactual logics: natural deduction calculi and sequent calculi

Contributing speakers

  • Torben Braüner (Roskilde University): Seligman-style deduction for hybrid modal logic
  • Michael Cohen (Munich): Explanatory Justice: The Case of Disjunctive Explanations
  • Nissim Francez (Technion) and Julien Murzi (University of Kent): On a dogma of Proof-Theoretic Semantics: generalising canonicity of derivations
  • Reinhard Kahle (Universidade Nova de Lisboa): Axioms as Hypotheses
  • Sergey Melikhov (Steklov Mathematical Institute): A joint logic of problems and propositions, a modified BHK-interpretation and proof-relevant topological models of intuitionistic logic
  • Grigory Olkhovikov (Ural Federal University): Truth-value gaps and paradoxes of material implication
  • Paolo Pistone (Università di Roma Tre): Rules, types and the transcendence of second order logic
  • Erdinç Sayan (Middle East Technical University): How do vacuous truths become laws?
  • Guillaume Schlaepfer (Université de Genève): Scientific modeling: a two layer based hypothetical reasoning