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Beyond Logic: Hypothetical Reasoning in Philosophy of Science, Informatics, and Law


DiFoS - Dialogical Foundations of Semantics

The cross-CRP workshop "Proof and Dialogues (ProDi)" takes place at the University of Tübingen on 25-27 February 2011.

The workshop aims at bringing together two EUROCORES / LogICCC projects, DiFoS and LoMoReVI, to discuss several aspects of the relationship between the notions of 'proof' and 'dialogues'.

Invited Speakers include:

The cross-CRP workshop "Dialogues, Inference, and Proof – Logical and Empirical Perspectives (DIPLEAP)" takes place at the Vienna University of Technology on 26-28 November 2010.

Traditional conceptions of logic model correct inference quite abstractly by Tarski style semantics or by reference to formal proof systems without much concern about empirical findings about human reasoning. The fact that logical inference has to be embedded in language use and thus implies communicative interaction between human agents, that is to be addressed also by empirical methods, is often neglected. The three EUROCORES/ LogICCC projects organising this workshop DiFoS, LcpR, and LoMoReVI address this challenge in various ways. The workshop aims at corresponding cross fertilization, stimulated by invited talks by external experts.

Invited Speakers:


The cross-CRP workshop "Modelling Interaction, Dialog, Social Choice, and Vagueness (MIDiSoVa)" takes place at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam on 26-28 March 2010.

Members of the CFSC, DiFoS, LINT and VAAG LogICCC projects will participate in this workshop, organized by Jouko Väänänen, which aims to further cross-CRP cooperation.

External experts:

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